Live Intelligently

Vitaligent is a holding company focused on promoting health and happiness in each relationship - our guests, team, families, and community. Our focus is on wellness, fresh juices & smoothies and healthy meal options. Vitaligent owns 75+ Jamba Juice stores across the United States.

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Join Vitaligent as we work to make the world a healthier place.

Success through Significance

We believe that a store's success depends on more than just the bottom line.
We believe success can also come through significance by:

  • Making a difference in our guest interactions and providing great service
  • Investing in our team and providing advancement opportunities
  • Engaging the community in vital and intelligent healthy living
  • Ensuring family is a priority


  • Vitality - We take every opportunity to share our pursuit of health and happiness
  • Intelligence - Our decisions are informed by continuous learning and our best judgment
  • Joy - We express positivity in every interaction
  • Empathy - We look first to the perspective of the people we serve

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